Executive Director of Finance and Corporate Services

Candidate Information


phil-james.jpgI’m delighted that you are interested in this vital
and rewarding role with the CIEH.

Since I took up the reins in January 2021, I have been able to see first-hand the immeasurable contribution our members make to society. Indeed, my experiences over the last 18 months have convinced me more than ever that we must strive to shine a light on the importance of environmental health.

The pandemic brought our work and expertise into everyone’s personal experience, and this is a significant development of our visibility that we intend to build on. But it also provided serious challenges to our business, with our events and venue hire income hardest hit. Nevertheless, committed and innovative work means that despite the negative impacts of Covid, our financial position far better than might be expected. We have taken radical steps to transform our operating model, and we are confident that our recovery will in fact see us achieve a stronger overall position than was the case before the pandemic.

It’s a great job, with great people, at a very propitious time for CIEH. Join us.

Yours sincerely,

Phil James
Chief Executive, CIEH


"This role is absolutely fundamental to our continued growth and development. You’ll be the engine behind high performance, intelligent organisational improvement, business planning and people strategies. More, you’ll be a visible and inspiring leader across the organisation, and a valued adviser to the Executive Team and Board."